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This is my teammate, Donnavan. I don't believe in religion. No matter how old I get, I'll still have the energy to play ping-pong. I've never used a hacksaw before. Could you show me how?

By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community. Burning the flag on Independence Day? As if! This is very useful. The complaint is under investigation.

I want to be left alone. We had a slight delay. Go out and look at the blue skies. If indifference is the kiss of death for a relationship, then complacency is the kiss of death for a business. Do you think Jimmy can beat John? I like this color. Because families in Shanghai today have only one son or daughter, the head of the family places a strong emphasis on their childs studying. What are binaural beats? If he had given up smoking then, he might not be suffering from such a disease.

All right, but don't say I didn't warn you. We've always been friends. Explain to me why Hal isn't here. Not much soccer is played there.

I have one too. Just call me "Your Majesty". Charlie Chaplin is an actor.

Whether you're able to speak French or not is completely irrelevant to this conversation.

The troll army of Russia came knocking at the gate, armed with misinformation and inflammatory statements. You did the right thing. After a light swim, I came up from the water and sat down on the poolside.

I thought you said we weren't going to do that. Is Marnix all right? Romain had to wait till Rick got there. Nowadays we want our children to make their own decisions, but we expect those decisions to please us.

Why are you asking Jones?

When was the last time you got a manicure? I was the only one left. He is not much to look at, I guess. The DVD player replaced the videotape player. It so happened that I had no money with me. It's our job to help him. I've been busy this week. Vincenzo has had to stay here longer than he wanted to. That's what the papers said. Bobby released Joubert.

The first thing you have to do is take a bath. According to dentists, decayed teeth are not always caused by sweets. Lori, I was just thinking about you. Would you be able to do that? I'm not convinced that Tanya is right. Barton knelt down for a better look. The New Tokyo International Airport was opened in Narita. They're useless. Damon showed me his stamp album. You shouldn't tell Guido everything.

"What's up?" "I don't have the wrench." "What wrench?" "The bicycle wrench." We have to defend our country from the foreign aggression. I will grant that you are right on this point. Do you like chocolate chip cookies? The kids were gone when I got home. We're flabbergasted. Janet speaks French as well as me. This is a Turkish tradition. The guards are aiming their weapons at Klaudia. Is that what Mitchell taught you?

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? The general ordered the massacre of all war prisoners. To speak frankly I don't like him. What do you make of it? I live with a hedgehog. I will be in London by this time tomorrow. Lars floated downstream on a raft. A boy having sold a cow at the fair at Hereford, was way-laid by a highwayman, who at a convenient place demanded the money; on this the boy took to his heels and ran away but being overtaken by the highwayman, who dismounted, he pulled the money out of his pocket and strewed it about, and while the highwayman was picking it up, the boy jumped upon the horse and rode home. I've always wanted to learn how to skate.

Are all of Christian's brothers still in Boston? I hope you didn't misunderstand me. Bryan was very kind to me. Gregg looked fine today. We'll talk about the details later. Ramesh is coming to see me. Justin went to sleep three hours ago.

She continued her job in the bank. Mr Brown teaches at Harvard. What did he want? He gave me a vague answer.

That was why I was late. Shahid sang very well. She has hope. Tell me about those. I am anxious about his health. A shameless liar speaks smilingly. What else can you tell us? Is he so foolish as to believe that?